"Lost Highway" With the Touch of Sarkis

40x40x40 cm Compressed Asphalt Cube

         Those who have turned the world into a shithole, call them humankind, the superpowers, or what you will, keep walking their sacred path with their heads held high as if they will never be gripped by the very shithole they help create. 

          The Lost Highway is not a call, not a revolt, nor a cry for help.

The cube presents an abyss no matter which way you move. It thus presents an opportunity for us take a last look at that which has already plunged into the abyss. An invitation to thought, like that evoked by Malevich’s Square, on these last seconds, or decades, or centuries, before we too inevitably plunge into that very abyss. 



            The artist’s work titled “I’ve Got the Power,” created through the BStart Project Fund, is a statute of a rhino with a height of over 3.5 meters, revealing its metaphor thanks to its impressive presence. The rhino refers to dominant societal mechanisms of power, and some societies believe that its horn has aphrodisiac effects. There is a point in the statute where we witness the elongated horn of the rhino plunge into its own body, thus transforming into masculine power, energy, potency / impotency, with the horn resembling the phallus and the rhino rearing up with such pain as the horn pierces the body.

             Every play creates a provisional and limited space. Within such boundaries, a unique and absolute order prevails, and then order is required as such. The slightest violation of such order spoils the play. Berat Işık, in his work where he visualizes the concept of power domination through a symbol,pursues violations of this order. Expressing the tension of power in an efficient manner, he uses play aseither representation or struggle. Huizinga mentions that struggle and representation as two functions are interrelated: play is a representation ofstruggle, but also, play is a struggle of representation.

I’ve Got the Power

2016, Heykel / Sculpture

Polyester 310x210x65 cm


Picture 1

"Art Concentrated" 1999

Picture 2 


Picture 3

"Art and City"

First Contemporary 

Exhibition in Diyarbakır 2001